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Through our different partners worldwide, we specialized in the selling of Used and Refurbished Medical Imaging Equipment. Please contact us if you are looking to buy a specific Medical Equipment and we will send you a Quote.

Used Imaging Equipment for sale

Buying refurbished imaging equipment is the best way of upgrading ones equipments. You can get the latest technology at low cost makes which makes it a good value for money and a good investment for many buyers, physicians, hospitals and private clinics. Ranging from ultrasound equipment and MRI systems to Scanners and X-ray poratble machines, at Used Imaging we can get it all. All the used medical imaging equipment that we offer were initially manufactured by brands like Toshiba, Phillips, Siemens, Hitachi, GE and Samsung.

Please contact us if you are looking to buy an imaging equipment for medical usage and we wil get back to you with a quote and s specialist will be available to answer your questions and provide all the details about the different equipment that are in stock.

Used and Refurbished Medical Imaging Equipment for Sale

You will find below on this page a description of the most popular used imaging equipment that we have available for sale. Medical Imaging Equipment are those tools and devices which are used for the medical treatment of people worldwide. Now a day the people are suffering from different diseases and the medical equipment are a must to know more about them and to treat them properly.  

We offer used and refurbished C-ARMS from Top Brands and manufacturers.     

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We offer used and refurbished Ultrasound medical Equipment from Top Brands and manufacturers.     

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We offer used and refurbished CT Scanners from Top Brands and manufacturers. Through our partners, we can also offer  installation and inspection services.      

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We offer used and refurbished MRI Systems from Top Brands and manufacturers. Through our partners, we can also offer  installation and inspection services.      

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We offer used and refurbished X-RAY Machines from Top Brands and manufacturers. 

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We offer used and refurbished X-RAY Portable Machines from Top Brands and manufacturers. 

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Ultrasound machine is used to visualize the parts of the body which are not visible for example, Muscles, tendons to capture their size, shape, and to diagnose causing pain. Ultrasound is also used to visualize Fetuses for normal or emergency situations and for pelvic abnormalities. These diagnostic applications are referred to as Obstetric sonography. So now, you should know how Ultrasound technology works? An ultrasound machine works on the principle of Ultrasound frequency. Ultrasound frequency is the frequency which is not audible to the human ear. A human ear can hear from 2o hertz to 20,000 hertz. So Ultrasound is the sound waves of 20,000 hertz or above. An Ultrasound machine uses a Probe, transducer, and computer screen. So now how they work? Ultrasound rays are transferred from the probe through the gel into the body. Inside of body parts where these high-frequency sound waves collide and bounce back through the transducer. From these waves, computer form images which are shown on screens.


You must have gone through X-Ray for any fracture or bone problems. Bu let us tell you about what is x-ray and its equipment. An x-ray is a machine which creates the beam of radiation to create an inner image of the parts of your body. An x-ray equipment consists of a Control Console, an X-Ray generator, and X-Ray tube consists of a cathode and an anode. An x-ray examination only takes only 4 to 5 minutes for proper examination. The radiations produced by are passed through the infected area of the body, which then falls on the piece of Film or a special plate where they create a shadow. This beam of electrons is absorbed by different parts of the body differently like, in the bones, they absorb the most and make a white shadow of bones on the film, while in tissues and another area they absorb lessen and make a black shadow. X-ray machines are used to examine the bone fractures, abdominal pain, artery blockages, joint injuries and cancer.


Portable or mobile x-ray systems facilitate exceptional care at the patient's bedside, in the emergency department, ICU, operating rooms, NICU or wherever general x-ray is needed. This portable x-ray machine is very much advantageous, consistent, and efficient because it does not need to take a patient from the ICU to the x-ray room, but the speedy transfer of this equipment with the technician to the ICU within a hospital. The machine has wheels for its easy transfer. The portable x-ray machine also works on the principle of passing a beam of radiations passing  to the infected part of the patient where it is absorbed and the shadow is made of the film.


C-arm machine is a device which is used by a physician to monitor surgical instruments while watching the instrument being driven on a live x-ray machine. C-arm is a machine which is used to take the images during orthopedic, surgical, emergency and critical care. It has radiographic capabilities with fluoroscopic imaging techniques. It is also based on x-ray technique. Doing a c-arm is called a Rotational Angiography. The fixed c-arm rotates around the patient and takes many x-ray images which are reconstructed to create 3D images. C-arm is positioned at the body part under examination in the isocenter between an x-ray tube and the detector. The c-arm then rotates between 200° and 360° for about 5 to 20 seconds around the isocenter and takes hundreds of 2D images. These 2D images are then reconstructed with a special type of software creating 3D images.


PET or Positron Emission Therapy is a type of Nuclear medicine imagining and is used to diagnose a disease in the brain, breast, heart and lungs of the person by showing how organs and tissues are working. PET uses a few amount of radioactive materials called Radiotracers, a special camera and a computer for evaluation of organ and tissue functions. The radioactive material is used in the Tracer which is placed below the elbow in the vein with the help of a needle. The tracer is absorbed by the body in about 1 hour so you need to lie still. This traces travels through your blood collects in organs and tissues from which radiologists can see certain areas more clearly.


CT scan or Computed Tomography is the type of scan that uses special x-ray equipment to detect a variety of diseases and conditions. CT scanner uses computer-processed images from many angles to produce cross-sectional images that allow seeing inside examined part without cutting. The CT scanner is made up of a circular structure machine with x-ray technology from all the sides from which the patient is passed.  It also scans inner injuries and bleedings in different emergency situations. These cross-sectional images are seen on film, CD’s, and DVD's. a CT scanner takes the images of the soft tissues, bones, blood vessels and internal organs.


MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging is the type of scanning which tells about the physiological processes diseases in the body like the brain and spinal cord brain and spinal cord, liver, womb, breasts, bones and joints. MRI machine consists of a circular scanner tube in which the patient is putting inside. MRI uses Strong magnetic fields, field gradients and the radio waves. Sometimes due to the electric current in the scanner coils the scanner makes noises and mostly the patient is provided with earplugs to wear. MRI scan lasts for about 15 to 90 minutes depending upon the condition of the patient.

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Used and Refurbished Radiology equipment, X-Ray systems, MRI, CT Scanners and more

We at Used Imaging provide all kind of high quality refurbished radiology and X-ray systems which have been thoroughly tested and guaranteed to take care of your imaging requirements above the satisfaction level. Our expert team is utterly committed to have an intensive conversation with you, understand your requirements well and provide you with the right unit that will run above efficiency levels thereby maximizing your uptime with negligible frustrations. Through our different partners around the world, we can also help you with the installation and there are also service contracts that are available for you to choose to ensure that all equipments remain well maintained and in order to last you for years. Above all, we work hard to make this available to you in the lowest cost possible.

Medical Imaging Equipment Accessories and Parts

We can have almost all imaginable imaging and radiology accessories and parts available for the customers to choose from  in the most economical price and zero to minimal shipping charges across the globe. Our knowledge and expertise covers all aspects of radiology imaging and we have all of its peripherals, parts and accessories to cater to specialist doctors, hospitals, testing centers, multivendor maintenance providers etc. With us, you can be assured of meeting all your imaging equipment needs with the latest technology at the most economical pricing.

All medical equipment

Apart from the imaging requirements we also have access to all kind of used medical equipments for operating, outdoor, laboratory and all other medical needs. Simply contact us to request a quote and we will find the product that will fit your needs, budget and requirements. You will find below a list of Used and Refurbished Medical Equiment that we can get from the Best manufacturers and sellers and at the right price for the buyer.

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 Best Manufacturers of Medical Imaging Equipment: Siemens, GE Healthcare, General Electric, Philips, Canon, Hitachi, Toshiba, Medtronic, Fujifilm Medical Systems